Hue Cycle Additions

Last updated: September 6, 2019 at 11:09:03 AM EDT
Version 1.7

This document lists additions planned to be developed for future versions of Hue Cycle. If you would like to suggest a feature that isn't listed below, please contact us at:

To do:

• Better indication that you saved a video or GIF

• Importing images should show editing capabilities live instead of applying them before importing

• Post-editing masking feature that lets you paint what should be Hue Cycled and what shouldn't.

• Tips for first time users

• Add meta data to images and video taken from app including geolocation

• Add button for enhance color on capture screen (maybe on newer devices that have black blank space for it)

• Share images from other apps to import into Hue Cycle

• Android version of app


• Better indication that you saved a photo

• Arrows to show direction of gradient when changing. Mirrored filter can use mirrored arrows.

• Get a sense of how long Timed Message Duration should be, and remove the setting

• Different aspect ratios for capturing photos/videos, including square for Warhol

• Tutorials for first time users

• Info in app settings for each setting

• Options for each individual filter (turn off Hue Cycle gradient for Harmony)

• Mirrored filter with flip options (to mimic different orientations)

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