Camera Filters

Color Transcended.

All of Hue Cycle’s filters show changes in hue before your eyes in a variety of ways. Apply a gradient, or transform a blue sky exclusively with the Skies filter. The recipe is up to you, and it’s all done using simple controls that require virtually no learning curve.

Below showcases all of the filters that can be used in Hue Cycle:


A filter that’s essential to all other Hue Cycle filters with one simple rule: Cycle the hue!


Transform a blue sky to a different color, and optionally make the surroundings black and white.


Try something different than a linear gradient by rolling the die, quite literally.


Mirror four different sides of your camera input, and change the direction of the color gradient, all in real time.


Sometimes we like to see the world in different colors, so why not four at once?


A rainbow, illustrated look.


White = Gradient


Monochrome and color gradient overlay with stylish borders.


Change a wide variety of effects with one XY pad.


Duplicate the world around you and control its position with the XY pad.


Turn your camera into a colorful kaleidoscope.

More coming soon.

Hue Cycle doesn't release just any variation of our past work. We make sure that our filters live up to our standards of quality, and stand up to the test of time. Stay tuned for exciting updates to our app.